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N-[(S)-(2,3,4,5,6-pentafluorophenoxy)phenoxyphosphinyl]-L-alanine 1-Methylethyl ester


  • Commodity number:GN020741
  • Goods number:GN020741-25g
  • Income integral:30
  • CAS: 1334513-02-8
  • MF: C18H17F5NO5P
  • MW: 453.31
  • Promotion: Featured
  • Original price: ¥300.00-¥1800.00
  • Present price: ¥300.00-¥1800.00
Freight number Package Original price Present price Order quantity Stock describe
GN020741-25g 25g ¥300.00 ¥300.00
0 Out of Stock, Contact the salesman
GN020741-100g 100g ¥800.00 ¥800.00
5 deliver goods within 1-2 days
GN020741-500g 500g ¥1800.00 ¥1800.00
4 deliver goods within 1-2 days


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Update2018-6-29 PAN
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