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3-bromo- L-Phenylalanine


  • Commodity number:A11101
  • Goods number:A11101-1g
  • Brand:China Brand
  • Income integral:5
  • Abbreviation: 3-bromo- L-Phenylalanine
  • CAS: 82311-69-1
  • MF: C9 H10 Br N O2
  • MW: 244.09
  • Promotion: Featured
  • Original price: ¥180.00-¥1000.00
  • Present price: ¥55.00-¥858.00
Freight number Package Original price Present price Order quantity Stock describe
A11101-1g 1g ¥180.00 ¥55.00
8 deliver goods within 1-2 days
A11101-5g 5g ¥380.00 ¥205.00
6 deliver goods within 1-2 days
A11101-25g 25g ¥1000.00 ¥858.00
5 deliver goods within 1-2 days


Properties更新日期产品编号产品名称包装价格2017/07/21H521143-溴-L-苯基丙氨酸, 95%3-Bromo-L-phenylalanine, 95%1g2646元2017/07/21H521143-溴-L-苯基丙氨酸, 95%3-Bromo-L-phenylalanine, 95%250mg882元
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