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GLP-2 (1-33) (human)


  • Commodity number:151P11
  • Goods number:151P11
  • Brand:Hanhong
  • CAS: 223460-79-5
  • MF: C165H254N44O55S
  • MW: 3766.16
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  • Present price: ¥0.00
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manufacturing|Hanhong is a professional enterprise engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and exporting unnatural amino acids ,protected amino acids and peptides. Hanhong owns advanced peptide technologies, especially in the fields of Glycopeptides, Cyclicpeptides, Methyl-peptides, Sulfication-peptides, Phosphopeptides, Active natural peptides, various Fluorescent Labled Peptides and other modification peptides, Besides, Hanhong is a fine distributor in peptide field, it has set up tide relationship with many Chinese peptide manufacturer. Based on the above advantages ,Hanhong can make custom peptide synthesis on different scale.For peptide products,Hanhong will provide detail COA, including MS,HPLC,IR spectra .^


Specification And Standard
Production And Usage
Biological propertiesBiochemistry|Like GLP-1, GLP-2 is secreted from enteroendocrine cells in a nutrient-dependent manner in both rodents and humans. Currently GLP-2 is used as a potential therapeutic agent for human subjects with a broad variety of intestinal diseases characterized by intestinal damage and insufficiency.^
Packing And Storage
Spectrum And References
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