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Hanhong Scientific Advanced Building Blocks
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Building Blocks Overview

Hanhong Scientific’s major business is composed of three sorts: advanced Building blocks, pharmaceutical intermediates and custom synthesis.

Advanced organic building blocks are Hanhong’s core business, they are mainly used for new drug research and new drug production. At present, Hanhong owns more than 30 thousand catalog products and 5000 regular in-stock products.

The core series of Hanhong advanced Building blocks include: unnatural amino acid series, protected amino acid series, organic  building blocks series, chiral chemical agents and chiral  building block series, nucleoside derivatives and saccharide derivatives series.

Production Capacity

Hanhong Scientific has the following equipments and ability for producing advanced building blocks.: (1) Having four synthetic laboratories, covering an area of about 2000M2, and nearly 30 chemists working in them ,and providing custom synthesis chemicals from grams to kilograms; (2) Having three small scales production lines owning 30 series reactors from 50L to 1000L reactor; (3) Having three bulk chemical production lines (including API intermediates) owning 100 reactors from 1000L to 5000L reactor; (4)Having one refining and packaging production line  ; (5) Having one R & D center; (6) Having an analysis center, equipped with HPLC, GC and other types of instruments.

Reaction Capacity

Hanhong Scientific can produce chemicals with the following reaction type: Halogenation , nitration, oxidation, reduction, ammonification, Friedel crafts and Grignard reaction.

In particular, it is good at the protective and deprotective reaction; chiral resolution reaction,  enzymatic resolution, chemical  asymmetric conversion, etc.

Quality Control

A quality control center, equipped with a full range of analysis and testing equipment, which can provide GC, HPLC, NMR, Chiral HPLC, MS, IR and other map data, and strictly control product quality.

The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. Both QA and QC are certified. The company has established and improved the quality management organization, equipped with the corresponding QA personnel, and runs in strict accordance with the system.
A high standard finished product warehouse, with epoxy resin ground, a cold storage place, which can guarantee the safe storage of the products.

R & D Capability

Hanhong Scientific has one  R & D Center with a total area of 2000 square meters, and has 30 R & D personnel. It can carry out new product development and process improvement of advanced building blocks.

The company has a cooperative laboratory with the East China University of Science and Technology and the Nanjing University of Technology to develop the basic research and development of new products.