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Hanhong Scientific
----Focus On Custom Synthesis of Advanced Building Blocks And APIs

 Production  Capacity

Hanhong scientific focuses on custom synthesis of organic building blocks and APIs. It has one factory (Binhai Hanhong Biochemical Co., LTD) and some cooperation factories.

The holding factory currently has 140 sets of 50L-5000L reactors, has eight production lines producing unnatural amino acid series,  protection amino acids,  nucleoside derivatives, chiral resolving agent and chiral building blocks,  organic synthesis block and more than hundreds of APIs.

The company has now accepted the audits of over 100 domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

Production technology

The company has one R&D center, two cooperation labs in the Universities, focusing on reseachment and development of  organic building blocks and innovative drug  intermediates.

At present, the company has 30 chemists, reseaching and producing  more than hundreds new products every year.

Companies has the core technical advantages in the chiral synthesis technology, asymmetric conversion technology, biocatalytic technology.The company's enzymatic production of amino acid technology are identified as reaching the world's advanced level.

Hanhong can be engaged based on reaction types are listed below: halogenation,nitration, oxidation, reduction, ammoniation, F-K, Grignard etc.

We have featured ability to provide organic building blocks,chiral intermediates &pharmaceutical intermediates from grams to Tons.


Main Products

The main categories are: advanced organic building blocks and new drug intermediates, while part of the customized Non-GMP bulk drugs. 

 Series  Introduction  Detail
 Unnatural Amino Acids More than 100 Tons.
 Protected Amino Acids  More than 100 Tons.
BOC,CBZ,FMOC protected amino acids &amino acids methyl esters,ethyl esters,benzyl esters
 Peptides  Short peptides (two or three amino acids)in tons.  Detail
 Chiral resolving agent series  More than 100 Tons/year.L-(+)-Tartaric Acid,
(S)-(+)-Mandelic acid,S-(-)-a-phenylethylamine
 APIs  The customized Non-GMP bulk drugs  Detail
 Pharmaceutical intermediates  Puli series, Neville series,columnin series, peptide series of drug intermediates  Detail
 High-end organic building blocks  Hundreds of high-end organic building blocks we can produce in tons  Detail
 High-end organic synthesis reagents  Two hundreds of high-end organic synthesis reagents we can produce in tons.  Detail

Quality control

The company building the quality systems center,with different kinds of analytic instruments . We can offer test reports such as GC、HPLC、NMR、Chiral HPLC、MS、IR,etc.
Hanhong is ISO 9001:2008 certified and all of its business activities are in strict compliance with the international quality management standards.
The company building a high standard finished-goods warehouse, with epoxy floor, cold storage was built to ensure the safe storage of products.
Production management company using ERP management software, strict quality management procedures.

Safety, environmental protection and labor protection

The company has build a sewage station, sewage treatment capacity reached 300 tons per day, the company sewage discharge could meet the requirements of our country and the park.
Companies adhere to safety first, people-oriented safety guidelines, production and strengthen safety management and labor protection.